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Below is a list of the different Appointment types offered

Initial consultation 1/hr $199 ONLINE

In your initial consultation we take a deep dive into your current health concerns and establish your health goals.

I’ll conduct an in-depth functional assessment and symptom analysis.

We’ll explore underlying dysfunction in the process of determining the root cause of your symptom picture.

Your personal and family medical history will be reviewed (including recent pathology with full interpretation).

Any recommended functional testing will be discussed and a GP referral will be drawn up for any outstanding investigations if required.

An in- depth analysis of your diet and lifestyle habits will be conducted and any medications / supplements you’re currently taking.

Upon completion of our consultation, you’ll receive a Treatment plan detailing what we’ve been through in the consult, reiterating what is occurring within the body so that you’re educated and informed and therefore committed to making the necessary changes required to help you achieve your health goals.

Your treatment plan will outline the direction we plan on taking and the goals we’ve agreed upon.

It will also include information about the practitioner supplements that I have prescribed, testingdietary, and lifestyle recommendations including recipes.

Any Practitioner Supplements ordered will be posted directly to your nominated address.

Return consultation (30 minutes) $129 ONLINE

In your return consultation we assess the progress since your initial treatment plan. Relevant test results will be reviewed and explained so that you can develop a deeper understanding of your current health picture and specifically how we’ll be working together to improve your health. Knowledge is power when it comes to health, my goal is to empower my clients so that they’re informed and therefore motivated to achieve the best results.

Extended return consultation (45 minutes) $159 ONLINE

If you’ve had extensive pathology or in depth functional testing completed that requires an extended period of time for review and explanation, then the extended return consult is for you. Please book an extended return consultation if it’s been more than 6 months since our last appointment.

Free 15 Minute Naturopath Discovery call

This is a free Naturopathic Discovery call. Do you want to figure out if I'm the right practitioner for you? Discovery calls are free of charge and go for 15 minutes on the phone or over videoconference. During this one and only discovery call, you have the opportunity to ask me any questions you'd like.

I look forward to hearing your story and supporting you on your health journey.

Functional Testing

Functional testing has come so far in the last 10 years. Science has developed in such a way that we can now test the entire function of a particular organ and the relationship between body systems, rather than rely on individual biomarkers to gain insight into biological processes. Some of the testing that I utilise include:

- Functional pathology testing - Offered via referral to you GP or privately for more comprehensive testing if required.

- Stool testing - Using the most advanced metagenomic sequencing technology through Co-Biome - where we are able to assess the entire microbiome via the DNA of microbes that exist within the microbiota. This test also provides insight into functional gastrointestinal markers providing information on intestinal permeability, secretory activity, inflammation and so much more.

- Breath testing - To identify Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and Intestinal Methanogen Overgrowth (IMO) and food intolerances.

- Organic Acids Testing - Provide a unique chemical profile of cellular health. Here we are able to detect fungal overgrowths through opportunistic microorganisms, intestinal microbial activity and / or mould exposure, oxalates, micro and macronutrient metabolism, detoxification capability, energy assessment via mitochondrial and metabolic activity, neurotransmitter metabolism and more. This test is one of the most extensive tests available, providing a wealth of insight into multiple biochemical processes.

Lets work together to get your health in check

I say to people that "I have the most rewarding job in the world" seeing the transformation that occurs when my clients take charge of their health fills my belly with joy. I'm here to do the detective work for you and educate you along the way. With compliance from your end we can achieve life changing results.